Ralph D. Boynton, PhD
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Individual Psychotherapy:  To help adults and adolescents with relationship issues, life transitions, anxiety, depression, anger, and stress management.  Clients are encouraged to be more curious and less self-critical as they clarify their needs and goals for personal change.

Couples Therapy:  To assist couples in getting “unstuck” from frustrating patterns by creating an atmosphere in which each partner feels heard.  Couples learn how rational dialogue can lead to the identification and modification of barriers to effective communication, as well as responding to underlying needs for emotional connection.

Family Therapy:  The primary focus with preadolescent families is often on coaching effective parenting strategies.  The focus with adolescent families is usually on establishing a respectful dialogue between parents and adolescents.  Families with adult children are given an opportunity to meet conjointly, however, unresolved family of origin issues can also be worked through in individual sessions.

Treatment of Chemical Dependence:
 Clients are provided addiction education in order to identify for themselves where they are along the use-abuse-addiction continuum.  Individuals and/or families in recovery are offered an opportunity to restore a healthy balance in relationships that have revolved around the addictive behavior.